We’re passionate about what we do, because if we’re going to inject anything into this world — you better believe it’s going to be epic.


We curate spaces where people live, work, rest and play; spaces that are the backdrop for which all your future memories will unfold within. Archie Bolden is the choreographer of experiences.

We design your home to be comfortable, your office to be inspiring, your bar to be relaxing… We do all that we do, so you can be all that you can be.

We fabricate design solutions that are innovative, sustainable, meaningfully informed and will stand the test of time. Be it sophisticated simplicity, or cutting edge craziness, our creative talent, advanced emotional intelligence and refined processes ensures a design that elevates your personality or brand and embeds a lasting impression.


Interior Architecture

Interior Decoration

Product Design

Creative Direction

Wedding & Event Design



Awesome work can only happen with awesome clients. We take on clients because we’re passionate about them, their business and their visions.

We’re interested in designing collaboratively, with sincerity and integrity, which is why we like to kick things off with some broad questions that help us gain an understanding about you and your brief, to ensure we’re the right (wo)man for your job.

Some questions we might ask include:

– What is your morning & evening routine?
– What are your standard weekend activities?
– What colours/forms do you love/hate most?
– Night owl or an early bird?
– Fav bar or restaurant?
– All time travel destination?

These kinds of questions help us to create a framework for the kind of space you are most comfortable in, and give an insight into your personal preferences for the practicality and efficiency required in a space. Preliminary questions such as the above give us a head start on our collaborative path to world domination.

We’ll ask these questions in our first ‘get to know you meeting’, and If we’re the right fit together (being us and you), then we’ll talk further about the nitty gritties of your project, which includes fun parts (concept, idea, location, vibe) and the annoying (but important) business related parts – like budgets, fees and timelines.

These are the first key steps in our approach, and ones we take very seriously. We’re passionate about our processes, and we’ve been in this game long enough to know that when we get the client-designer relationship just right – that’s when the magic happens.

If you’ve come this far down the Archie Bolden rabbit hole, chances are you’ve taken the time to view our portfolio of completed projects – the glamorous shiny stuff that sticks out above the surface, resting on an iceberg of process, strategy, blood, sweat and beers below. Whilst we can’t show you said metaphysical iceberg… we can give you a snapshot of what to expect at each stage, should you choose to embark on a design journey with us.

Below is a link to what we call “Archie Bolden’s M.O.” as in Modus Operandi (our method for what we do), that reveals a little insight into our process.



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We believe in engaging as human
to human, not business to business.

We’re interested in designing with you collaboratively, with sincerity and integrity.

We do all that we do, to enable you to be all that you can be.


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