Who the hell is Archie Bolden?

Archie Bolden is a
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Let us blaze your trail.

Archie Bolden is the audaciously creative brain child of daring duo — Tara Dennis and Hayley Richards. Archie is a cheeky interior architect, with a focus on bold interiors.

In a past life, Archie Bolden was formerly known as TD Creative Agency - a Brisbane design studio, born in 2014 by the fearless, Tara Dennis. Fast forward half a decade, and we’ve evolved to have dual city studios with projects scattered throughout Australia and the USA; and upon entering a new era of business - Archie Bolden was born.

At Archie Bolden, we believe in people and we believe in design, and we bring those two elements together to create spaces that reflect the values, desires and intentions of those who engage us.
We value the collaboration of minds, ideas and transparency; the connection of our service and your needs to produce an outcome that is a physical representation of your brand, personality and aesthetic combined with our skills, experience and design capabilities.

Archie Bolden is young, modern, enthusiastic and considered and has a knack for knowing what you want, (sometimes before you’ve even realised it yourself) and delivers it in a way that shoots the sun out of the sky.

Tara, Dee, Julia & Hayley

Archie's Artillery

They call her Tara Powerhouse Dennis, and with good reason— she’s a force to be reckoned with.

Tara Dennis -


With a background in residential property development, commercial real estate and a side hustle in high end furniture manufacturing, she boasts one hearty repertoire of design related skills and experience. (We could list the range of creative project’s she’s been involved in, but the fact of the matter is, the list of projects she hasn't touched would likely be shorter).

Tara’s relaxed management style, deep understanding of property and passion for interior design enables her to combine the creative with the business and provide an all-encompassing solution that is not just good looking, but practical and well-planned. She believes in purposeful design intentions that are a true reflection of her clients personalities and values, and has no fear when entering uncharted design-related waters... nothing memorable ever came out of playing it safe!

She rarely sits still for long, so if you're USA based you best be jumping on that contact button - STAT! Who knows, she could be in your city right this moment!? (We’ve given up trying to keep tabs on her!)

Tara Dennis

USA Director

Hayley’s like a bag of maltesers — sweet, but full of balls.

Hayley Richards -


She tends not to take herself too seriously, but you most certainly should, because she’s a first class designer, who, as it so happens, graduated with first class honours!

Hayley believes that life is complicated enough - and that good design doesn’t have to be. Hayley can read your mind and interpret your concept in a way that is authentically and holistically true to you.

She's a weapon in her own right, but is big on multidisciplinary collaboration in producing holistic and user-centric solutions. With a love for raw and honest interiors, a razor sharp eye for detail and a value of integrity above all else, Hayley can turn a so-so space into magic. Without the wand.

All hail Hayley.

Hayley Richards

AUS Director

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We believe in engaging as human
to human, not business to business.

We’re interested in designing with you collaboratively, with sincerity and integrity.

We do all that we do, to enable you to be all that you can be.


Tara Dennis —

Interior Designer | USA Director

tara@archiebolden.com +1 404 769 6828

Hayley Richards —

Interior Designer | AUS Director

hayley@archiebolden.com +614 3491 4854